A Raspberry to Michael T. Pines & Others


The Californian today bestowed a raspberry entitled:

The “Uncommon Law’ award.

A raspberry to attorney Michael T. Pines, who has been advising his clients to break into their foreclosed homes.

Pines claims the actions are justified because lenders committed loan fraud and violated the Truth in Lending Act of 1968. A bankruptcy judge called his ideas frivolous and ordered him to pay $16,.430 in legal fees to the defendants in one case for wasting their time. Other local real estate lawyers are skeptical about his interpretation of the law.

While not every homeowner facing foreclosure is a victim, many are. They really don’t need one more expert giving them questionable advice that may further complicate their lives. They’ve gotten enough of that already.

To the Californian I say – AMEN. Folks, if it sounds too good to be true – you know the rest. And the same goes for those agents and attorneys advising their clients about short sale gimmicks through a series of trusts as well as those advising their clients they enable you to live in their homes indefinitely without paying. Our profession doesn’t need you, the market doesn’t need you and neither do people who have already been victimized once too often.

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  • Thanks for the update. Our market could do with fewer scam artists.

  • Marty

    He has also lost a case to a former employee that he tried to appeal (he screwed up the appeal and filed in the wrong court) for not paying the employee for 5 months. The State of CA Dept of Labor filed a judgment against him to collect the money under the company name REventures (which he is sole owner, investor, and CEO of).

  • A Watcher

    The FBI is currently investigating crimes in California relating to illegal real estate transactions at foreclosure sales. While Michael T. Pines may not be involved in those yet, he has taken $5,000 from individuals who then lost their homes because he admittedly does NOT do his job; I’ve seen eMails wherein he said he “forgot” to file papers on time on one case. In another, he apparently did NOTHING and the 78-year-old-man involved has just left his home of two decades and moved to another county with his cat. Michael T. Pines advised a 74–year-old women to moved back into her already-sold house. She did. She was taken to jail in handcuffs. Michael T. Pines IS a white collar crook. He and others of his ilk belong in jail. For others, he just did nothing, but he did take the $5,000 up front!

  • leroy

    This man/Lady needs to be brought to Justice. I can’t beleive CNN/NBC MEDIA have taken an intrest in what he has not done. Ripping people off for a living is the devil at his best. Taking peoples money and forgetting about them is nothing short of the devil himself. I hope he rots in hell and gets a what he deserves and that prison time…..Rote in hell you dirty scumb bag!

  • Beware

    Self-proclaimed “foreclosure relief” and “foreclosure expert” attorney MICHAEL T. PINES WAS DEFEATED YET AGAIN (no surprise here).

    Michael T. Pines just had ANOTHER of his own foreclosed properties taken away from him days ago. Michael T. Pines lost his law firm office building. FORECLOSED. BANKRUPT. EVICTED.

    Egomaniac Michael T. Pines keeps getting kicked off the soapbox and pedestal he’s put himself on by judges and COMPETENT lawyers. Michael T. Pines was EVICTED from his office building on 1.14.11.

    Michael T. Pines has been taking money from the tenants and RENT SKIMMING for almost 2 YEARS! Not to mention his poor clients. Hey Pines, you should know this as an attorney, and LISTEN UP STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA:
    THAT’S A VIOLATION OF California Civil Code 890 (a) and 890 (b) and 892 (a).

    Here’s another of the many web links on those who’ve been ripped off by Michael T. Pines; which states in part:

    “Please include attorney Michael T. Pines in your list of questionable people; while he may not be involved in illegal sales yet, he has taken $5,000 from individuals who then lost their homes because he admittedly does NOT do his job; I’ve seen eMails wherein he said he “forgot” to file papers on time on one case. “



    Oh, and 1 more interesting fact. WHY isn’t Michael T. Pines breaking into his own foreclosed properties as he’s advising his clients to do? There are 6 to choose from. Pines told Fox and Friends on Monday 01/17/11 (video is online) that he has a LEGAL OBLIGATION to tell his clients to break back into the home. He further lies and says the State of California finds nothing wrong with this and supports him. Funny, he’s being interviewed by a State Bar of California investigator this week to investigate complaints against him.

    Sounds like Michael T. Pines is a bit of a hypocrite (or wimp). He’s advising clients to break into THEIR foreclosed homes and squat, but Michael T. Pines is NOT willing to break into his OWN recently foreclosed office building which held his law practice and squat there — AND THE QUESTION IS: WHY?
    Oh, do tell, Pines.