It’s not job loss – it’s simply a little leakage.

If you’ve read much of my stuff before, you know the high esteem in which I hold most legislators, with an extra dollop of esteem for our California Nimrods. Yeah, these are the same addlepates that year after year saddle us with budgets they know won’t work, with 20+ billion dollar deficits every year, who recently mandated we instruct grammar school students on their gay heritage, who just passed the Dream Act, providing billions in financial aid to residents who are here illegally when our own resident students cannot get into classes or receive financial aid if they do. Yeah – we’ve got the best and the brightest working for us in Sacramento.

And one of the problems, as you’ll recall, is that some 90% of our Democratic legislators (who comprise the majority in both houses) have NEVER held an honest job. In one fashion or another they have been on the public dole their entire career, public office holder, commissioner, union organizer – some facet of public employment which has never forced them to meet a payroll, be responsive to the desires of customers, never required that they produce a product or a profit. Honest!

So it was no wonder during a recent discussion of the far-reaching costs of our landmark AB32 Greenhouse Emissions bill, that Democratic legislators referred to one of the by-products of the bill as ‘leakage’. Know what leakage was a euphemism for? JOBS! Yeah. Our state, with consistent unemployment of 12+% and these a-holes are referring to further job loss as ‘leakage’.

They were voting on some final rules to this horrendous piece-of-crap bill that will drive more businesses out of state and put even more people out of work but to them it’s simply leakage. Implementing this bill has already cost long-haul truckers and construction crews their jobs and resulted in increased costs for consumer goods from food to gas in the state. The last phase, slated for implementation in 2013 and 2014 sets in place the cap-and-trade emissions system whereby companies will either cut their emissions levels back to what they were in 1990, OR pay for emission credits from companies that emit below their cap OR pay substantial fines.

So the exodus of jobs from California will not only continue but probably expand. We already have more than 5 times as many companies leaving the state, reducing their footprint in the state or just going out of business as we did just 2 years ago. Aww, it’s just leakage says the California Air Resources Board. Oh, and the manufacturing and other jobs that are being over-regulated and over-taxed out of state – they’re going to Mexico or China or other states that have more realistic goals for emissions. So not only is California losing jobs but by our intransigence we are also INCREASING the amount of pollutants in the air.

So to get this straight, our never-held-a-job legislators passed an overarching landmark bill designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state. Notice I didn’t say pollutants – that’s not covered specifically – just greenhouse gasses which they claim will reduce manmade global warming – if you still believe in that. And the appointed-not-elected wing-nuts on the California Air Resources Board have taken on the challenge of putting teeth into all these rules. And they admit that at times they have relied on specious science to formulate their rules. In fact they admit that AB32 will not reduce global warming even if they shut down every business in the state. But according to their logic – it is a beacon that was passed to encourage other states and countries to follow California’s lead.

Oh Puh-leeze.

What my Momma used to say – ‘just cause that other knott head jumps off a cliff, you gotta go do the same thing?’ Not me. And especially when I can just as easily follow the out-migration of businesses and jobs and people to places where the politicians s still have a brain cell or two, where my congressman might actually have held a job in the not-too-distant past and where the human tragedy of job loss is not simply dismissed as ‘leakage’.

Of course that’s just my opinion – I could be wrong.

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