Mortgage Debt Relief. Wassup?

Another question hanging about our heads this year-end involves extension of Mortgage Debt Forgiveness, that measure that allows lenders not to 1099 you for the mortgage debt relief sellers who have gone through a short sale or foreclosure receive.

At this point with all eyes focused on the fiscal cliff, it is unlikely anything specific to this measure will be passed this year. If there is a continuing resolution (kick the can down the road for 90 days and let the new Congress deal with it), debt forgiveness could/would likely be a part of that. Otherwise we just get to wait until after the first of the year. NAR is pushing very hard for this – it was the subject of a recent call to action for Realtors nationwide, and we are moderately optimistic it will be extended by the new congress but by no means assured. Join the club with all the other individuals, businesses, charities, military members and others awaiting their fate at the whim of the administration and the able hands of Congress.

I know this is very nerve wracking for people involved in short sales or foreclosures right now who don’t know if their phantom income (debt relief) will be taxed or not. Imagine shortselling your home at a loss of $100,000 to your lender. If you close prior to December 31st, you have no tax liability on that money. If you close after January 1, that $100,000 could be added to your regular income and taxed at your increased rate – a potential difference of $20,000+. And right now nobody knows what’s going to happen. Merry Christmas. I’ll provide any updates as they become available.

You can let Congress know how you feel about this by clicking here:

 Do No Harm To Housing

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