SRCAR Endorses Kevin Jeffries for Supervisor Seat.

Two Influential Realtor Associations Endorse Jeffries
First and Only Candidate Ever Endorsed by Both Local Associations

(Riverside, CA) – Kevin Jeffries announced today that his campaign for Riverside County Supervisor (1st District) has received a pair of important endorsements from both the Southwest Riverside County Association of REALTORS and the Inland Valleys Association of REALTORS.

Both Associations advance the American dream of home ownership for families while promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct for local real estate professionals.

“Kevin Jeffries has been an unwavering advocate of home ownership for Riverside County families. Kevin has worked at both the state and local level to help keep fees and taxes low for homeowners” said Joe McGowan, Chairman of the Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors.

“Kevin has not only worked to help jump-start our distressed housing market by proposing tax breaks for first time homebuyers, he has also been an unwavering advocate for private property rights” said Steve Manos, President of the Inland Valleys Association of REALTORS located in Riverside.

“Like thousands of Riverside County families, Riverside County Realtors have been living with the meltdown of our economy and the housing market. They know I’m going to be fighting to turn our local economy around and that affordable housing is a key part of our future recovery,” said Jeffries.

As an advocate on behalf of Riverside County homeowners and families since his 1990 election to a local water district, Jeffries was often a leading voice to oppose water and sewer rate increases, as well as the placement of unfair water “standby” taxes on homeowner property tax bills. Jeffries also led efforts at the State Capitol to provide first time homebuyers with tax breaks. Today Jeffries is currently leading an effort to repeal a soon to be implemented $150 special state fire prevention tax on nearly 800,000 homeowners across the state and portions of Riverside County.

This announcement comes just weeks after the Riverside County Farm Bureau announced their endorsement of Jeffries for Supervisor, according to Stacy Nicola with the Jeffries campaign.


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Assemblymember Jeffries Responds to Gov’s Fire Threats

arnoldSome of you probably heard the latest musing from the empty suit that used to be Arnold Schwarzenegger the other day. In his latest pandering to the unions in pursuit of more taxes, he warned of dire consequences from the failure of Propositions 1A – 1E. Specifically he took the opportunity at the beginning of Fire Prevention Week, in the backyard of the Santa Barbara fires, to note that if the props didn’t pass it would mean automatic cuts to fire protection statewide including cutting some 1,700 firefighters, closing 30+ fire stations and on and on with the fear mongering.

Any hack knows there are no ‘automatic cuts’ of those departments on the table – it’s just Arnhole’s clumsy way of trying to make a point. Fasten your seat belt for the next couple weeks folks. It’s going to get blustery and bullshitty out there. The Gov and his union cronies will be outspending the anti-tax forces by as much as 15 or 20 to one trying to get you to extend your own taxes.

Regarding the threatened reductions to fire personnel, our Assembly Member Kevin Jeffries wrote the following letter to the Gov. I don’t know if Kevin honestly believes the Gov would try to cut fire protection but he is responding as if he is serious. I’m more inclined to believe the Gov is just full of bombast and BS and  prone to venting at whatever target presents itself to his fevered brain at any given moment.

The Gov is so out of touch, out of money, out of ideas and out of credibility it is truly sad. This man, who gave our state a reason to hope just a few short years ago, has gambled all his capitol on losing propositions and has turned toady to the very forces that have driven our state to it’s current position. He should have kept working as an ‘Action Hero’. Instead he has become a faded B level matinee idol, a charicature of his former image. His persona still draws the crowds – but every time he opens his mouth they start laughing – and not at the accent or hair dye.

Of course that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.


In response to reports that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called for the layoffs of 1,700 firefighters,  Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries (R-Lake Elsinore) sent the attached letter to the Governor yesterday, asking him to reconsider and re-prioritize his budget cuts.

Assemblyman Jeffries spent 29 years as a volunteer firefighter and has been serving as Chairman of the bipartisan Rural Fire Protection Working Group in the Assembly.

A copy of the text is also pasted below for those who cannot open attachments.  To contact Assemblyman Jeffries office, call 951-894-1232.

May 6, 2009

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor, State of California
State Capitol, First Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

You have often stated that Government’s first duty and highest obligation is public safety. I believe we share a common value and support for the idea that the first use of hard earned tax dollars should be to fund essential public safety services including police, fire, criminal justice system, etc.

That is why I was very surprised today to hear media reports that CAL-FIRE would be targeted for significant cuts and firefighter reductions by your office if the propositions did not pass on May 19th.  If this accounting is accurate, I would respectfully encourage you to re-consider such actions.

Cutting or eliminating front line firefighter positions at CAL-FIRE should be the last option on the budget table, and certainly not the first.  The elimination of firefighter positions while negotiating the preservation and protection of administrative and clerical employees who do not work on the front lines would seem to be a reversal of the public safety first philosophy.

I understand and agree that the State is in a very difficult budget situation. But, this crisis also affords us the opportunity to take an in depth look at how California does business. We need to work together and find ways to significantly improve efficiencies, facilitate consolidations where they make sense, cut non-essential programs, and restructure various state agencies and departments in order to maximize efficiency and cut costs.

I respectfully encourage you to reconsider these cuts, and to re-order the state’s budget priorities in such a way that public safety is protected first, and cut last.



Assemblyman, 66th District