Kids Eat FREE – Every Night of the Week.

Everybody enjoys an evening out, a nice dinner with the family after a hard days work, a break from the routing. But the economy has given everybody a little case of the shorts and it’s not that easy to justify a pricey meal out if it means dining out or paying the rent.

So here’s a handy little guide to Realtors and friends that will let you feed your kids for FREE every night of the week. It takes a little planning but it’s worth it. Heck I made it through 2 years of college by knowing where the best happy hours were – $1.50 for a beer and dinner was on the house.

Make it fun, make it an adventure, make it through to the other side of this downturn.

Please feel free to add your own discoveries in the comments.

Disclaimer – Deals can vary by location. Be sure to call first;

Sunday –     IHOP @ 18248 Collier, Lake Elsinore

Monday –     Original Roadhouse Grill @ 26440 Ynez, Temecula

Tuesday –    Pat & Oscars @ 29375 Rancho California, Temecula

Chick-Fil-A @ most locations

Coco’s @ Sun City & Lake Elsinore

Denny’s @ most locations

IHOP @ Temecula Parkway location

Wednesday –  Carnitas Express @ 26900 Newport, Menifee

Carrows @ most locations

Coco’s @ most locations

El Torito @ Temecula & most locations

Thursday –     Carrows @ 24640 Madison, Murrieta

IHOP @ Temecula Parkway

Friday –         IHOP @ Lake Elsinore

Saturday –     Denny’s @ 28915 Rancho California, Temecula

Please post any good deals, two-fers, freebies  – help them help us.