CRE solicits your input on trasfer fees

The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness Solicits Public Comment on Three Public Policy Issues Associated with the FHFA Proposed Private Transfer Fee Guidance

The Federal Home Finance Authority has proposed guidance which would terminate the use of Private Transfer Fees.  Private Transfer Fees are paid each time a property is sold and are often used for community benefit programs. Private transfer fees have also been used to provide a continual source of income for developers and investors.

The FHFA has received in excess of 2,500 comments. While the FHFA is reviewing these comments  the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness is asking the public and the regulated community to comment on the following public policy issues which emerge from CRE’s review of the public comments submitted to the FHFA:
1.   Should the FHFA issue a rule in lieu of guidance?
2.   Should the FHFA prepare an environmental impact statement on the transfer fee proposal?
3.     Should there be a “carve out” for the public use of transfer fees?Please post your comments at (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate the comments section.)

The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness is a regulatory watchdog founded  by former members of the White House Office of Management and Budget

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